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FAQ: Why blog?

... "look forward to working with you to maximize the benefit you will provide.  One question, is how will the development of a Blog help provide search engine visibility?"

blog:  When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), techniques may increase traffic, but content is King.  creating lots of blog pages mentioning every service feature, news-worthy update, success story, customer benefit, and general article with relevant keyword links back to your website will increase your natural search engine rankings, and, over the long run (1-2 years), out-produce pay-per-click (PPC) traffic.  Of the two "how do I get web traffic for my new business?" solutions: PPC is similar to building a custom machine to fit the job, where SEO is more like growing and nurturing a vine.

for example, I just posted the above explanation to my own blog as an example here 

hover your mouse over that URL and see how keyword-heavy it is to "blogging" & "blog", referring back to my example blog.  click either link to see my blog, and this article, and how it automatically allows people to comment, "like" on Facebook, share via email, etc, and how I added a promoting link back to my example blog. is Google's blog service - so they "crawl" it regularly, and with the most optimized process.  This can be leveraged and increased with a bit of "miracle-grow" if a new business commits to spreading the word through social-media right from the start.  

I just posted that (above) from an example system account (Anica), so you can see what a blog comment looks like.

.. and I just posted the entire section above as an example of building a FAQ section from recently asked questions