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BCS solution: 3P1

I'm always solving problems...

...Working late, and had to get this one off my chest:

Problem:  People don't like how the BCS determines the NCAA college football championship.
Solution:  Extend the season 1 week to allow a 4-team modified bracket as follows:


The Top 3 part:  Top 3 teams in the nation are assigned to seeds 1, 2 & 3 respectively

The Plus 1 (P1) part (aka The Boise State Rule) 4th seed is reserved for the highest ranked undefeated team that is not already nationally ranked 1 through 4.  If there is no undefeated teams in top 25, the 4th team is filled with the 4th nationally ranked team.

  • Solves the Boise State problem.
  • Two more corporations can sponsor these new playoff games.
  • This gives the championship game a warm-up week so the following championship teams will be back in the swing.
  • Can provide an exciting 1 vs. 4 prove yourselves game to a smaller undefeated team, and hype the final game huge if they win.
  • Extends the season 1 week.

Your thoughts?  Let's get this solved...