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photo editing / conversion guidelines

In terms of file size, photos from digital cameras are usually much larger than they need to be on the web - due primarily to high resolutions and color depths.  If you’re sizing an image down to be worked with on the web, start by cutting its color depth down to 96 dpi (or even 72 dpi), and set it’s width to no more than 1200px.  This will set it up so it can be easily worked with on a website.

Everyone gets annoyed when they have to wait 5 seconds on a webpage. Count out a legit 5-Mississippi's in your head and see what I mean.

Our designers are doing this at Cool Sheds, to streamline their shed inventory screens for South Carolina. Take a look, and maybe shop for a shed or carport while you're there.

Here's a quick demo of what I mean: Here's a picture of a Cool Sheds Delivery Service's shed moving truck. Does this picture's quality look terrible to you? It's just 1/18th of the file size of the original photo - which had the same screen dimensions. That's what optimizing your photos gets you. Your users won't have to wait for nothing.