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watch-phone development

In the endeavors of Rational Reach to develop one2zero applications for smaller, faster, cheaper devices - it's time to begin an initiative to optimize for watch phones:
  • simple logos that can be re-sized and icon-friendly down to sizes as small as 16 pixels wide
  • page load times down .75 seconds or less, with updates to any wait over 2 seconds
  • simple options, single task per page, quick - top left always default / recommended selection
  • option for any page content to be read in a layout and picture, and user-option descriptive voice
  • Nix descriptions on all links, detail and topic-relevant footnotes at bottom via anchor
  • use vertical text-strips, like a newspaper, to adjust dynamically to larger / wider screens
  • pictures and text that can resize to 128px wide list view - pictures to a 64px icon view
  • header only on home page / top entry pages - all other top-left is reserved for user action
  • large logo always at bottom, under all text and links - assists in anchor-jumping, links to menu